Project Group CSV Format
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Project Group Fields





Project Group name. If this field is present in the CSV data then a value is required, and is always required when adding new project groups.

Text (80 chars max)


Project Group ID. This field is not required, but if present and the value is not blank then it must be unique for all project groups.

Text (80 chars max)


A description of this project group.

Text (255 chars max)


Project Group status. Possible value are:




Employee can log into system.


Employee cannot log into system, and does not show up on reports, etc. by default.



The list of employees and groups given special permission on this object. Multiple permissions have each value separated by a carriage return (also called a "hard" carriage return in Excel, entered using ALT+ENTER). Each value is of the form:

Object Name=Permission Level (Object Type)

Where Object Name is the name of the group or the login of the employee, Permission Level is the permission level to give the employee or group on this object, and Object Type is the whether this is an Employee or Group that is being given permission. Here is an example of a group and an employee assigned to an object:

GroupA=Timekeeper (Group)

jmeyers=Manager (Employee)

Note that the permission level and object type are optional. If the permission level is not specified then it will be set to the employee's default permission level. If the object type is not specified the system will first check for a group with a matching name, then look for an employee with a matching login name. Only if you have group names and employee logins that might be the same do you need to specify the object type.



Notes about this project group.

Text (2000 chars max)