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The Preferences page lets you view and change your application preferences. This includes the following properties:



Timesheet Memory

Allows you to specify whether rows and hours are carried forward from the previous timesheet when a new timesheet is created. Options include:


New timesheets will have no rows or hours carried forward from the previous time period.


New timesheets will have the same rows as the timesheet for the previous period, but all hours fields will be blank. This is the default value for employees.

Rows and Hours

New timesheets will have the same rows and hours as the timesheet for the previous period. Only work hours are carried forward - leave (or paid time off) rows will carry forward, but not the hours.

Note that you can hide this option from employees by turning off the "Can copy previous timesheet hours" timesheet permission for the employee's permission level. See the Permission Levels topic for more information.

Hours Format

The choice of how you enter hours on your timesheet, either decimal format (for example 3.5) or hours:minutes (for example 3:30).

Tab Direction

The direction the selection moves when you type the tab key on your timesheet, either vertical or horizontal.

Remember Last

The number of most recently used clients, projects, etc. to remember (25 max). To erase the list of most recently used items click the Clear List button.


Your locale determines the following:

  • The language displayed, e.g. English, French, Chinese, etc.
  • The formatting of dates and numbers. If you choose a locale that has AM/PM as part of its time format, you have the option of overriding that by choosing the 24 hour time format (sometimes called military time).
  • The list of company holidays for the selected location

Time Zone

Your time zone.

Search Results

The number of rows to return per page of results, such as when searching for employees, timesheets, etc.

Default Tab

The tab to select upon logging into the application.

Export Format

The file format for exporting timesheet data, employee lists, etc.

  • CSV is a text format compatible with most systems (including Microsoft Excel), and is the default value for employees.
  • MS Excel is the Microsoft Excel format, a binary format generally only compatible with Microsoft Excel.