Leave Requests
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Leave Requests

Leave requests facilitate the scheduling of employee time off. New leave requests are submitted from the Home page by clicking the New Request link. Depending upon your policy settings, your leave requests will automatically show up on your timesheet for the requested days when the request is approved. Note that the term "Leave" may have been renamed by an administrator to "Time Off" or some other terminology. The Terminology topic has more information.

Leave requests have the following properties:



Request Type

The type of leave request, for example 'Vacation'. The request type is a pay code, and if you are a manager you can configure these from the System > Pay Codes page.

Start Date

The first day of the leave.

End Date

The last day of the leave.

Partial Day

If you are not taking a full day you can check this option to allow you to enter the start time and finish time. Note that you may not see this option if you are not allowed to take partial days of leave for the selected request type. This is controlled by the Time Entry Rules minimum/maximum leave hours setting - see the Time Entry Rules topic for more information.

Requested Leave

The number of leave days/hours to be taken. This will default to the number of  days in the selected date range, excluding any weekend days or holidays.


A description of this leave request, up to 255 characters. You might use this to provide additional information to your approver, such as a phone number where you can be reached in an emergency, etc.

Once you have submitted a leave request you can monitor its approval status from the Home page. If your administrator has configured email notifications you will be sent an email when a request is approved or rejected.

Approving Leave Requests

Leave requests require at least one approval level be enabled. You can configure approval levels from the System > General > Approval Levels page - the Approval Levels topic has more information. In addition, you need to be assigned as an approver to one or more employees to be able to approve leave requests. The Managing Employees topic has more information.

To list Leave Requests click the Leave Requests tab. By default you will see a list of all future requests. You can narrow or refine the list using the search properties on the page. To approve or reject leave requests simply click the appropriate checkbox in the list and click the Save button. If notices are enabled the employees will automatically receive an email indicating whether their request was approved or rejected. Clicking the Date hyperlink in the list will show more details about the request. You can also approve or reject the request from the details page.

To configure email notices for leave requests go to the System > Notices page. The Notices topic has more information.

Note: You can change the terminology for Leave to suit your organization's needs. The Terminology topic has more information.

Leave Request Policy Rules

Administrators can configure policy rules for leave requests from the System > Policies > Schedule Rules page. The Schedule Rules topic has more information.