Barcode Scanner Support
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Barcode Scanner Support

Pacific Timesheet supports barcode reader software and devices from Codereadr (

Barcode Settings

Settings are system-wide properties that affect all barcode scanning services:



Enable Codereadr support

Check this option to enable support for Codereadr barcode scanning.  If not enabled then all Codereadr barcode scans will be ignored by Pacific Timesheet.

Enable diagnostic logging

Check this option to enable diagnostic logging.  When checked, detailed information on each barcode scan submitted to Pacific Timesheet will be written to the System Event Log.  Log entries can be viewed from the Reports > System > System Event Log report.

Note that this setting is generally used only when initially configuring a new Codereadr service.  It will automatically turn itself off after 7 days, to avoid cluttering the system event log.

Barcode Services

Services correspond to Codereadr services.  Administrators need to create a service entry in Pacific Timesheet for each Codereadr service that will be sending scans to Pacific Timesheet.  Services have the following properties:



Service ID

The Codereadr Service ID (required).  When a barcode scan is sent to Pacific Timesheet it will identify itself with a Codereadr Service ID, and there must be a matching service in Pacific Timesheet in order to process the scan.  There are at least a couple of ways to identify the service ID of your Codereadr service:  go to and 1) list your services (Services tab) and click on a service and you will see the Service ID in the address bar of your web browser, or 2) list your scans (Scans tab) and click the View Postback Log link below a scan to see the service ID.


Check this option to enable this service.  If not enabled then barcode scans with this Service ID will be ignored by Pacific Timesheet.


A description of this barcode service (required, up to 255 characters).  The value you enter here should help you more easily identify the corresponding service in Codereadr, as Codereadr doesn't show service IDs prominently.

Field Mapping

Codereadr scans are sent to Pacific Timesheet as a list of data fields.  These fields must be mapped to corresponding Pacific Timesheet fields.  A typical mapping might look like this:

Codereadr Field/Question ID

Pacific Timesheet Field


Scan ID











Note 1: "scanid", "tid" and "timestamp" are required field mappings.

Note 2: The Codereadr field names are case-sensitive!  For instance, "Scanid" will not match, and must be lower-case "scanid".

Note 3: If certain questions are required, such as the Project, then you must set the corresponding field on the employee's timesheet template to be required.  This is done on the System > Templates page in Pacific Timesheet.

Note: changes to these Pacific Timesheet settings can take up to 30 seconds to take effect.

Codereadr Service Configuration

Log into to create your barcode scan service.  The type of service you will create is "Postback URL (Real-Time)":

Service type: Postback URL (Real-Time)

Postback URL: <hostname>/timesheet/codereadr

For example, if your Pacific Timesheet cloud system URL is then the Codereadr postback URL would be:

When creating your service questions, the first question should be the "punch" status (first to avoid having the keyboard on the phone popping up), and the possible answers must be "In" or "Out" (case-insensitive).

After specifying your punch status question, you can then have zero or more barcode questions that would map to a Pacific Timesheet project, task, etc.

The following Advanced settings are generally also enabled:

[x] Enable  Kiosk Mode:






[x] Enable custom display configuration: