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QuickBooks Online Data Integration

Intuit QuickBooks Online (QBO) allows the importing of timesheet data (called Time Activities in QBO) from an external source. Pacific Timesheet provides a QBO-compatible timesheet integration that allows the transfer of employee timesheet data directly into QBO. Once transferred, the time activities can then be  used for invoicing, payroll and reporting from within QBO.

Note 1: The Pacific Timesheet connection to QBO is configured from the System > General > Data Integration > Timesheet Export - QuickBooks Online page. If you do not see the "Timesheet Export - QuickBooks Online" option on this page it means you have already enabled both of the first two Timesheet Exports. You will need to disable the second Timesheet Export in order to see the Timesheet Export - QuickBooks Online option.

Note 2: Pacific Timesheet will only upload time activities to your QBO account. It will not modify objects such as employees, customers, etc. in your QBO system. Your QBO account is considered the system of record for employees, customers, etc. and for data safety Pacific Timesheet will not modify your QBO account except to upload time activities.

To connect to a QuickBooks Online account you will need to configure the following properties in Pacific Timesheet (from the System > General > Data Integration > Timesheet Export - QuickBooks Online page):




Check this option to enable exporting of timesheet data from Pacific Timesheet to QBO. When enabled you will see an "Export - QuickBooks Online" item in the options menu on the Timesheets and Approvals tabs.


Click the "Click to Authenticate" link to connect to your QBO account and allow access to it from Pacific Timesheet. For security, after 100 days you will be asked to re-authenticate. You can either do this from the System > General > Data Integration > QuickBooks Online page, or when manually synchronizing or uploading data (you will be prompted automatically if the authentication has expired).

Note that for auto-synchronization and auto-export of data you will need to go to the System > General > Data Integration > QuickBooks Online page every 100 days to re-authenticate, or the background process will fail. You and other administrators will be given a warning when the authentication is going to expire on the Home page several days before the expiration. If you are not using the auto-synchronization or auto-export options then you can re-authenticate when you manually synchronize or export timesheet data.


Mapping allows you to specify how objects in QuickBooks are mapped to objects in Pacific Timesheet. You can additional specify whether objects in QuickBooks are synchronized (downloaded from QuickBooks) and created in Pacific Timesheet.

QB Object

Pacific Timesheet Object


QB employees always maps to Pacific Timesheet employees.


QB vendors/contractors always map to Pacific Timesheet employees.


QB customers can be mapped to any Pacific Timesheet WBS object, but are generally mapped to the customer object.


QB projects should be mapped to the Pacific Timesheet WBS object that is dependent on the project object. Additionally, as you can reuse project names in QB under different customers, you need to enable the "Allow duplicate project names" option on the Projects > Project Options page.

If you do not use projects in QB (this is a QB advanced setting option) then you can set the mapping to 'blank' and projects will be ignored.

Service Item

QB service items can be mapped to any Pacific Timesheet WBS object, but are generally mapped to the task object.

Each mapping that has synchronization enabled will result in a custom field named "QBO ID" being created for the mapped object in Pacific Timesheet. For instance, if you enable synchronization for employees, every employee in Pacific Timesheet will have a QBO ID field that is automatically filled in when the data is synchronized. The value in this field should NOT be modified and should be considered read-only.

Last Synchronized

Clicking the "Synchronize Now" link will download objects from QB and create (or update, if changed) the correspondingly mapped object in Pacific Timesheet. Only objects with the "Synchronize" option checked in the mapping table will be downloaded.

Note that if your authentication has expired you will be automatically asked to authenticate again upon clicking the "Synchronize Now" link.

Timesheet Export:

When "Timesheet Export - QuickBooks Online" is enabled, you will see the "Export - QuickBooks Online" option under the "tools" menu (triangle button) on both the Timesheets and Approvals tabs. Choosing this option will prompt you if you want to export the listed timesheets to QBO. Note that only submitted (locked) timesheets can be uploaded to QBO.

Successfully uploaded timesheets will be marked as exported. However, some timesheet data might be skipped or generate an error for the following reasons: