Project Groups
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Project Groups

Project Groups have the following properties:




The project group name, up to 80 characters. A value is required and must be unique for all project groups.


A description for the project group, up to 255 characters.


The project group ID, up to 80 characters. This value is not required, but if a value is entered it must be unique for all project groups. This is commonly used for synchronizing with external systems, such as billing or accounting.


The project group status, either Active or Inactive. You cannot delete project groups that have been used on timesheets. Setting the status to inactive will prevent any further use of the project group.


Notes about this project group, up to 2000 characters.

Note: You can change the terminology for Task, Task Group, Project, Project Group and Customer to suit your organization's needs. The Terminology topic has more information.


Permissions allow you to restrict which project groups employees can access on their timesheets. Employees with a Permission Level that gives them only limited viewing permission, for instance, will only be able to access project groups for which they have been added to the permission list.