Data Archival
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Data Archival

Time entries, asset entries and other data that are entered in large amounts will generally be kept by Pacific Timesheet for up to 7 years before being moved into archival storage. For performance reasons, however, large systems that have over several million entries may archive data sooner, such as after 6 or 5 years. Generally this will be transparent to you, but you may see a message when running reports for date ranges several years back, such as:

Data prior to 1/1/2009 has been archived...

In these cases you can still report on archived data by clicking the provided link to the "Archive Settings" dialog and temporarily altering the report to target the archived data table. This allows you to run all of your reports on older archived data for auditing purposes, etc.

Note that archived data older than 7 years may be purged (deleted) from the system in order to prevent using up your allotted disk storage. You can contact your account representative about extending this if you need to preserve archive data beyond 7 years.