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Q: How do I allow managers to edit their worker's timesheets?

A: By default a manager cannot edit other employee timesheets, even if they are an approver for them. To allow a manager to edit other employee timesheets do the following:

  1. Make sure the manager, let's call her "Sarah Manager", has either the Manager permission level, or a permission level that allows timesheet editing. You can check an employee's permission level from the Employees tab. You can check whether a permission level has the timesheet editing permission from the System > Security page.
  2. Go to the Employees > Groups page and create a new group.
  3. Assign all of the employees whose timesheets Sarah Manager needs to edit to this group.
  4. Edit the permissions for this group and add Sarah Manager to the list as a Manager (or any other appropriate permission level that allows timesheet editing).

When Sarah Manager logs into the application she should see a Timesheets tab, and should be able to list and edit timesheets for all the employees in the new group.