Time Entry Corrections
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Time Entry Corrections

Administrators and managers with the ability to edit timesheets may add corrective or adjustment time entries to a timesheet that has been previously submitted or approved. Once a timesheet has been submitted (locked) an "Add Correction" button will appear on the timesheet. This allows you to make a change to the timesheet without unsubmitting it first. This is necessary in instances where you only want to resend correction time entries (either with negative or positive hours) to your payroll or billing systems.

To make a correction, locate the submitted or approved timesheet, switch to either the Day, Week or Summary view, then click the "Add Correction" button. You will be presented with a dialog in which you can enter properties for the corrective time entry, such as the pay code, project, task and hours. If you want to make a change to an existing time entry, select the time entry row before clicking the "Add Correction" button, and all of the fields will be pre-filled.

You can enter negative hours in a correction time entry in order to subtract hours from a previous entry. For instance, in order to subtract 2 hours from a previous time entry, you would select the previous time entry, click the "Add Correction" button, then enter -2 in the hours field. When you click OK you will see the new negative time entry on the timesheet.

After adding correction time entries to a timesheet, any export flags for the timesheet will be cleared. In this way you will be able to re-export the timesheet and send the correction time entries to your payroll system. Adding a time entry correction to a timesheet will not affect other time entries on that timesheet, making it easy to export only the corrections to your payroll or billing systems.