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Pacific Timesheet has several flexible options for approving your employee's time. In addition to allowing multiple approval levels, you can approve employee time in several different formats.

Note: Leave requests are approved from the Leave Requests tab. See the Leave Requests topic for more information.

Timesheet Approval

Timesheet approval is the most commonly used type of approval, and is especially useful for payroll and human resources applications. With timesheet approval you can review and approve employee time for entire time periods. You can also review and approve (or reject) individual line items or entries within a period. Refer to the Approving Timesheets topic for more information.

Project Time Approval

Project time approval allows project managers to review and approve (or reject) employee time recorded for specific projects. Refer to the Approving Project Time topic for more information.

Crew Time Approval

Crew time approval allows job supervisors and managers to review and approve (or reject) time entered for crews of workers. Refer to the Approving Crew Time topic for more information.